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Motivating or depressing? Large text dump. - Imgur

Motivating or depressing? Large text dump.

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Inspirational picture thank you, quotes, sayings, kurt cobain. Find your favorite picture!

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Herman Hesse Handlettering by Julie Song Ink. Nice expressive nature to this typography however it is perhaps too irregular to be read easily by child audience for my project. Something similar may be nice thought.

Sometimes all you can do!

Just chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on . A Wise Person p. kaity we still didn't make a bucket :)

Sweet potato fries & Almond Butter

Love Quotes

You are my one true weakness. But you also give me strength. I love you.

i thank God everyday that He lead us to each other & here we are as Husband and Wife

20 Poems From This Instagram Couple Will Make You BELIEVE In Love

i thank God everyday that He lead us to each other & here we are as Husband and Wife.i never want to stop making memories with you.

This is for both my girls! They are what makes my life complete. I love them more than words can say

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And then the transformation started within myself..at that moment,i promised myself,i would do anything it took to keep u by my side in life..but i wasnt good enough for u.u thought someone else out there is better for u..i got nothing..but im left with knowing im in the best shape of my life..so I will enjoy life now

Soulmate, this is so true. It wasn't that you changed me. It's just that you made me want to be the best version of myself that I can. Only one thing I've left to do, discover me discovering you.

Englis version..... My dearest Moon Queen, This almost precisely tells the truth of how I felt the day you laid eye on me at the Military Ball. Your innocence intrigued me but your eyes spoke softly to my heart & soul as if you knew me already. Without words I instantly all of me fell in love with you. I secretly carried that passion for you all these years without realizing you were my soulmate

I'm trying desperately to figure out what the reason was for putting him in my path. Other than heartbreak and ruining my self confidence and feeling totally conned and stupid, I don't know. Maybe i needed to learn that you really can't trust people.

All that you are is all that I'll ever need

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