fiddle fig.  (ficus lyrata or ficus pandurata)...they begin as an epiphyte so they require little watering.

bay window with large plant (fiddleleaf fig or Ficus Lyrata)

Oh So Lovely Vintage: Anne of Green Gables.

Ficus lyrata, the fiddle leaf fig, offers wavy green leaves shaped somewhat like a fiddle. It is also among the best plants for cleaning indoor air

How to keep a fiddle leaf fig alive (& happy) | Decor Fix #indoorhouseplantsdecor

How to Keep a Fiddle Leaf Fig Alive and Happy

How to keep a fiddle leaf fig alive (& happy)

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | The Tree Center™

How to repot a fiddle leaf fig tree - Room for Tuesday

supports pour pots de fleur et intérieurs modernes

Porte plante et support pot de fleur intérieur de style moderne

supports pour pots de fleur et intérieurs modernes

Fiddle Leaf Fig tree

This Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is a lovely household plant

I looooove fiddle leaf figs. I first noticed them in Wilson's office on House, of all places. I'd get so distracted admiring the plant that I'd have to rewind to catch the dialogue. Now that I have my own fiddle leaf fig, it's affectionately known as "the Wilson plant." The good news is, if I can take care of one, you can too. Here are some tips for keeping them healthy and happy.

This Photo-Friendly Plant is The Ultimate Design Statement

I want a Fiddle leaf Fig Tree bad. Tips for Growing Fiddle Leaf Figs

fiddle leaf fig in a large white pot will make your space chic

(white pot egg) Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from The Sill for PureWow's NYC office!

Living Room - fiddle fig tree in a basket with handles

How I Care for My Fiddle Fig and Hello!

The finest of them all.

Fiddle leaf fig tree care tips~I want one of these for my house!!!!

Honey We're Home 2012 Recap

fiddle leaf fig tree                                                                                                                                                                                 More

a big plant: olive tree / fig leaf / rubber tree / banana tree/ Monstera Deliciosa

Fiddle Leaf Fig - domino magazine

everything you need to know about the fiddle leaf fig

pl - DIY z efektem WOW, niebanalne wnętrza, (auto)ironia level master

Fiddle Leaf Figs are super trendy right now. They are very easy to care for and will filter the air in your living room.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree This one is probably my favorite out of the whole bunch. I have had a gorgeous fiddle leaf tree in my living room for years. It’s been fun to watch it grow (they grown pretty fast), and become so tall that it almost reaches my ceil

Fiddle leaf fig - I'm going to place one in the living room area, by the window.

Find out how to grow and care for fiddle leaf fig. Learn about the right growing requirements and fiddle leaf fig care in this article.

THE ROUND UP: Decorative Pots | 3

THE ROUND UP: Decorative Pots

THE ROUND UP: Decorative Pots | 3

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