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Provence - France

The never ending Travel Bucket List part 3

The unique allure of Tuscany

Webshot Novembre 2006 - Il Belvedere Farmhouse, Orcia Valley, Near Pienza, Tuscany, Italy.

Ms. Hepburn pic.twitter.com/AP94glNgOO

Historical Pics on

The actress Audrey Hepburn photographed by Pierluigi Praturlon at the Cinecittà Studios, on Via Tuscolana, in Rome (Italy), during a break in the filming of “War and Peace”, in August Audrey was.


Santorini, Greece - The most beautiful island in Greece. Some say that Santorini is part of Plato's Atlantis, it's up to you if you wanna call it like that, anyway the island is magical. My team created the Top Destinations and Santorini was part of them.

24 Hours in Amsterdam with Tim Boelaars

24 Hours in Amsterdam with Tim Boelaars (Design*Sponge)

how about a house on mountain stairs

I recalled my dream house. It is a very beautiful sight where a house is sited on a mountain surrounded by terraced rice field. I can imagine that there will be many innovative ideas coming from this green-fresh-amazing view. I think many people will love