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30 years by markmak on deviantART. Ah Meu Deus!!!!!!! Eu achei tão fofo a atitude de Mabel e Dipper e como o final termina...

30 years by markmak on deviantART, ahhhhhhhh, so cute, I also wonder if mcguckets son knew about any of his work and who he worked with?

Finally done one Fight falls new comic! this plans to have 2 other part, but I'm still doing the storyboard.

Awkward sibling hug After beating up all the gnomes. Grunkle Stan : thank goodness there's no cops in the forest I decided to call the AU "Fight falls"!

The Inconvenience Part 1

The Inconvenience Part 1

Day Memorable Quote - Grunkle Stan has so many memorable quotes, but this one will just stay in my heart forever You are our hero Stanley

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