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Interesting digital archive of recently declassified primary sources revealing the thoughts and actions of the Soviets and North Koreans during the Korean War. Take a look!

Crossing the parallel. United Nations forces withdraw from Pyongyang, the North Korean capital. They recrossed the parallel.

KOREAN WAR 1950 - 1953 (MH 32932) IWM

MH Miss Aase Fabricius (right) a Danish nurse and a Korean nurse administer an intravenous injection of saline solution to a small Korean child suffering from malnutrition at Taegu hospital

“North Korean forces entered Seoul only three days after the start of the invasion. A third of the invasion army had fought in the Chinese civil war and were battle-hardened veterans.

An Aussie soldier during a limited offensive in October 1951 during the Korean War

An Aussie soldier during a limited offensive in October 1951 during the Korean War. Love the Aussie army uniform.

Korean War - A map detailing the events of the Korean War    http://www.hdwallpaperspk.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/maps_c1.jpg

Armed forces from communist North Korea smash into South Korea, setting off the Korean War . The United States , acting under .

Ist das der Beginn des Dritten Weltkriegs? Nicht wenige Menschen befürchten das. In vielen Ländern fängt die Bevölkerung an, Lebensmittel zu horten.

Blutige Schlacht mit vorläufigem Ende:Der endlose Krieg um Korea

April 1953 - Battle of Pork Chop Hill. The and Infantry Regiments Infantry Division) hit hard and suffer heavy casualties - A dramatic shot of Howitzer fire during night action.

VIETNAM - Battle of "La Drang" REAL battle that inspired the movie We Were Soldiers

From the front lines of Ia Drang Valley: ‘Killing, dying and suffering indelibly marked us all’

Vietnam War Summary - Why Did The Vietnam War Start?

Vietnam War Summary - technically you need to go back further to the late when the French had begun pushing their way in to get the full story.