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Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts - even if I feel like I'm over sharing, I'm still not saying everything.

Virgo Zodiac Mind - Your source for Zodiac Facts - even if I feel like I'm over sharing, I'm still not saying everything.

Mmmm...? Not sure if this is right. I do this, but I think most all people do this. Still, I've found that in my life, a lot of people (not all) I have been great friends with, I had bad first impressions of. I'm good at giving extra chances since I know myself.

Zodiac Mind - Your source for Zodiac Facts. and they thought I was being judgmental


We don't embellish anything.we tell the truth, even if it hurts. At least we care enough to be honest with you. It's not my nature. Either u want the truth or u don't ;

I'm VERY private and I hardly ever let anyone in.

Rewrite: It's a trust thing. Virgos are always silent about their personal life and personal problems.

Yep. And it sucks to be a Cancer at this point

When a virgo is having a bad day their critical side and bluntness is magnified by ten!


Fun facts about your sign! So many truths about me it's scary! Friends and family should read more about my sign bs they would know me so much better.

You will regret leaving a Virgo... You will only realize how much you miss and love them when nobody else treats you the way they did.

This is true. I'm not always perfect, but I would do anything for my love. Other people's happiness is my own. Wish I could send this to certain people

about me

As I am a Gemini who had been burned by many so called friends,I rarely call anyone a friend anymore .But in truth I only consider about two or three people worthy of my trust.


This is so damn true! virgos love hard so the feelings die SLOWLY, but once they are dead there is no resurrection

A strong sense of individuality

lately, i'm discovering my cusp Virgo independence may be even stronger

I keep telling people this, but they almost never believe me!

A Virgo can meet someone for the first time for only 5 minutes, and they will still accurately sum them up.

Virgo - Did you know: Most virgo are better at expressing themselves through writing. Verbal expression is usually harder for them.

i love writing down my feelings and writing poems. it so much easier writing about my feelings than expressing it.