Jugendstil villa in modular style

oooh, really like the shutters on this and the arch design above the upper story window on the right. Jugendstil Villa by Ѐ ЯОΟ

Modular Library vote to have Lego make set. Go to link and vote! Lego will make this available to buy, if enough votes are posted. That is how Lego made the Ghostbusters car.

The Library is a building every city needs and is a place for learning, study, exploration and adventure. With it's Baroque style, the library adds something new and exciting.

Escape From Planet Monday by Aliencat!, via Flickr

Escape From Planet Monday :: Town. Named after the awesome album I was listening to while building this, and I feel that title conveys some of the mundanity in this scene.

lego modular | Lego-Modular-Pumpkin-Factory.jpg

Pumpkin factory MOC - very impressive. It even includes a working elevator!

modularsbykristel | Passionate about MOC modular buildings

Love the new LEGO Creator Bike Shop Set expanded to Modular. A MOC done by Shen Maosheng. This picture was posted on FB Group "Modular LEGO Buildings: