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Don't force a relationship that doesn't fit. Your life naturally makes room for the people who are meant to be there.

Getting over It Doesn’t Mean Forgetting

Getting over it doesn’t mean forgetting it, it just means reducing the pain to a tolerable level, a level that doesn’t destroy you.

Im happy if i mean something after all but even if he does it aint change anything between us , i wonder would he come for me? I dont think so :(

I love him with all my life and he's gonna regret losing my love. he's gonna regret not hearing those words from me. He's gonna regret it when he sees I'm not gonna sulk around. I'm gonna live my life and have fun

Time and time again I have let people get close only for them to go back to their old ways...avoid responsibilities, lie, OVERSTEP, always center of attention, perfect parent to a child they barely help out with financially...only financial support is court ordered for bio dad that supports a child not even biological lily his child while one he gave up and of course the other he only supports due to court order, which still doesn’t even cover half what the real mother and real father figure…

Maya Angelou - Believe them the first time, when they show you who they are. you showed me who you were before, I just refused to believe it. I'm too nice. Took a long while because of my heart but I'm better off without you.

Things get better...change is sometimes good

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that it’ll all be okay – and some people in my life have changed for the better. needed this

do things fabulously

I Realized This Week That I Just Cannot Do It All. So I Will Choose To Do What I Can, Fabulously - Clinton Kelly

For just that moment, with none of the staff around, her husband not yet returned from his lunch meeting, Penelope let herself feel her misery. She hated this life she was forced to live, to pretend that all was well and that her father-in-law wasn't threatening the death of her little sister if she failed in this role ... how was she going to continue this charade now that she was pregnant?

and she finally gave up, and dropped the fake smile as a tear ran down her cheek and she whispered I can't do this anymore by myself. God I need You.