Attack on Titan!!! So true!!! Attack on Titans my favorite anime lol~

Lol ouran high school host club ^-^<<i can see the trolls sitting in front of the computer/t.v and staring in amazement as the anime rolls on. <<< ATTACK ON TITAN YASSS <<< death note or fairy tail yesss

FUCJ YEAH IN YOUR FACE BITCHES IM LEVI *flips table* << Lol I'm Pisces! I get mah fav characer!

This is totally wrong, Levi is definitely a Virgo, and a lot of the others are wrong too

I'm a Sagittarius

I'm cancer and i dont mind being stuck it ouran high school host club but I'd rather be in Fairy Tail or Tokyo Ghoul and then I just wanted to know what sister was trapped in and it was attack on titan and shes going to die since she never seen it

Eren screams << and Erwin's eyebrows soak up all the water. I'm pretty this would actually happen.

Erwins though! Just imagine in like a sponge! Before it can get any further than his eyebrows it gets soaked up! And then Levi just like ):T. <-- Imagine if Erwin's eyebrows got bigger though.


Levi, Erwin and Bertholdt (colossal Titan)--- It tells the whole story of snk 😂😂 (Levi's death glare tho')