Infinity . Love .. Tattoo! (:

I saw a tattoo like this but it had brother and sister written in the infinite sign. I would like to get something like this in memory of my sister Terri. She always wanted to get a tattoo, but didn't get the chance.

ahh i got all excited bc this is EXACTLY what me and morgan have...with a heart around it and without the three dots!

This symbol means "infinity". It could be the infinity of anything that is meaningful. But in any way, it is beautiful! Very elegant! Words could also be added beside or in the symbol.


Infinity finger tattoo, I would like a cross.I want a tattoo on my finger now!

get a white ink tattoo... a copy of some of my grandma's art maybe?

before I die I want a white ink tattoo idk what of but something ill think of it one day