Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence - Everyone's mean. The usual. Liam Hemsworth is the most mean. Shit is he behind me? his brother is Thor.

Bahahahahahah HIS FACE ahahahaha

this made me laugh really :DD but I love Jennifer and Josh couple. They're so funny and awesome ^.^ and I don't like Liam Hemsworth just becase he's with Miley Cyrus -.


Funny pictures about Awesome hidden talent. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome hidden talent. Also, Awesome hidden talent.

Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson funny Joshifer-- Spongebob/Patrick & Squidward example... xD so true!!

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth - Spongebob/Patrick & Squidward example.

Jennifer Lawrence asked about her dress. Basically how I feel about anything related to fashion.

this is why Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite people ever. Jennifer Lawrence being her awesome self

the truth's out

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 73 Pics dont listen to that jerk he has mental problems himself! Hahahahahahaha J K

I watched this episode forever ago and noticed that it was her in the three seconds she had the mascot head off. (= Two of my favorite things combined! <3

Jennifer Lawrence’s shady past…

Funny pictures about Jennifer Lawrence's shady past. Oh, and cool pics about Jennifer Lawrence's shady past. Also, Jennifer Lawrence's shady past.

Ellen DeGeneres

Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen Degeneres are my two favorite people ever!