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I think we knew this already...considering its disgusting record for years.  Seems republicans can't part w/their guns OR THEIR LUCRATIVE PAYOUTS from the NRA.  Selfish, hateful millionaires.  They ARE NOT PUBLIC SERVANTS.  They don't care if we live or die.

From one who has paid dearly for another's "right" to bear assault weapons, to protect himself, in a shopping mall parking lot.

"Imagine the uproar if that crazy bitch in Kentucky refused to give someone a gun license..." - Denis Leary

Imagine if that crazy bitch [Kim Davis] in Kentucky refused to give someone a gun license.

Personally, I've got a problem with kids handling guns like that, period. But we all know those special supposedly pro-gun rights racist conservatives who would take issue with one and not the other... who defend the rights of (white) kids to learn to shoot dangerous big guns despite incidents in which said kids accidentally shoot their instructor, but would label other (black) kids thugs for holding guns...

So I'm apparently an asshole because I don't see a problem with the three kids on the bottom holding the guns away from each other, while I have a problem with the middle kid on top pointing it towards one of the others. Gun safety isn't a race thing.


This is my first university course in which we speak about white privilege and I'm glad about it. It's a topic I had never thought about before this year and it makes me kind of sad that I wasn't able to recognize daily life situations that went wrong.

Oke give it back to the Indians and leave to whatever country your forefathers came from. Period, case closed .

" says the kind of people who stole the land from the native people of America! That's laughable!