Jabuticaba Flower

Jabuticaba is a beautiful and unusual tree from the family of Myrtaceae. Native to tropical climate of Brazil, the tree is grown for its grape-like purple fruits.

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Delicate Chinese Lantern Plant Sheer Skeleton outer, fruit inside J. D Wang garden-guru

What Color Cat Would You Be?

What Color Cat Would You Be?

Monkey Orchid Or Orchis simia pinkish grey orchid flower. It’s lobed Lip looks like monkey face. Commonly found in Russia, Iran and Mediterranean Region. It’s odor is pungent feces like. Sometimes this flower Monkey Orchid also called as Dracula simia.

Purple sunflower If this is a true color for a sunflower it's got my vote. I would plant this for sure in my garden. Purple is my favorite color and sunflower's are my favorite flower.