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Chechaouen,Morocco by Bruno Barbey,1972

Chechaouen,Morocco by Bruno

Bruno Barbey  MOROCCO. Essaouira. 2005.

Bruno Barbey MOROCCO. Essaouira. 2005.


Atlas Mountains, Morocco, Deserts, Oasis, Natural Phenomena, Animaux, Postres, Dessert, Desserts

Bruno Barbey - Morocco, Essaouira, 1997

Bruno Barbey is a Moroccan-born French photographer (born Throughout his four-decade career he has traveled across five continents, photographing many wars.


A Photographer Visited A City Known As "Blue Dream." His Photos Are Absolutely Stunning

Tucked in the north of Morocco, there is a small town called Chefchaouen. This unusual place can be safely called a ’blue dream,’ since the old part of it is filled with buildings painted in all shades of blue — from baby blue to aquamarine.