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Bash (Terrence Coombs) from Reign on the CW.  Love him!

Bash (Terrence Coombs) from Reign. He's probably my all time favorite character.

Torrance Coombs = Blue eyes + Dimples~> I'll take one please!!!!!

Torrance Coombs = Blue eyes + Dimples~ I'll take one please!

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Toby and Torrance on set

Toby and Torrance Behind the Scenes ~ Reign -Dead-

Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Sebastian "Bash" (Torrance Coombs) from Reign.

The tears fell silently down Eleanor's face even as her face crumpled at the agony she'd only ever feel inside. Alex wrapped his arms tightly, protectively around Eleanor his own face showing pain at how he could do little else.

Reign. But look at him. Really look at his eyes.  Just a hint of sane madness.

Just a hint of sane madness.