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Look at that coat billow majestically behind him! If this is majestic then what is thorins coat eh?

Nine and Rose Lemon and Strawberry by the-untempered-prism on deviantART

OMG. <<< Indeed, the ANGELS < it's all over now <<< THERE IS NO HOPE FOR HUMANKIND NOW<<< #doctorwhofanatic << Pinning for comments

KEEP WATCHING IT! I screamed so loud my dad came into my room with a kitchen knife.<---A kitchen knife?

Doctor Who: The Rose and the Wolf by Angel-Creations on DeviantArt

Here is the finished Rose Tyler portrait debuted this past weekend at Ottawa Comiccon! Doctor Who: The Rose and the Wolf

Haha LOVE THIS! But I also love Matt Smith....so.....

Matt smith is like the ADD kid of the doctor regenerations.

Rose is Bad Wolf by ~Alea-Lefevre on deviantART

Rose Tyler as Bad Wolf - Doctor Who Art Print by Alea Lefevre - Billie Piper.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, ROSE??? Lol I love how no matter what 10 was wearing, he had his sneakers.

10 needs to stop at the Converse outlet -- David and his shoes :)