destiel obv. gabriel wouldn't choke

The Life Of A Fangirl — totallynaf: Destiel, obvs. Gabriel wouldn’t.

Lol it's soooo true

a single man tear runs down his face. a single man tear, a single man tear.

Richard Speight Jr is Gabriel [gifset] - Misha Collins answers "what happens to angels after they die" Stock shelves at Wal-mart - Pepsi, Longmire, Justified, Supernatural

Richard Speight Jr - everything i see him in a show i will go "hehehe oh Gabriel, I love you so much for making this universe"

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OMG this is so what Gabe would do<<< Australia is like the fridge for all of the angels to go crazy with

Whoever that writer would be an if they seriously did it.....I'm coming for you. And I will hurt you.

Destiel<<<this is perfect, and so is that person they added a pic of(for the role) BEN BARNES


I'm still playing "I Can't Believe It's Not Canon!<< oh but me dear it is canon, it was in the script for dean to say "I love you" to cas. But Jensen said that dean wouldn't come right out and say it, so he said "we're family cas"

XD LOL OMG IM DYING. Okay not as much as dean and Sam but. You know

XD LOL OMG IM DYING. Okay not as much as dean and Sam but. You know<<< I'm really concerned about myself for laughing at this comment

Things you can find thanks to the fandom.  -  i am in love with this <3 XD

Thing you can find thanks to the fandom. <---- Our fandom is seriously the best.

"Why would you ask that"???

NOT LUCY! DAMN IT! Supernatural where we argue on spelling satans nickname.)<<<I'm barely in this fandom and I love it already