Gunslinger Spawn 001 by

My version of Gunslinger Spawn. Spawn (c) Todd Mcfarlane Gunslinger Spawn 001

Azriel 01 by

Here& another character I did yesterday. No background story for him yet. For now let& just call him Seth. In Egyptian Mythology, I believe he is the God of Chaos.

Slithe 001 by *Shun-008 on deviantART

my entry for the thundercats jam held by my friend, . slithe (c) ted wolf Slithe 001

The Glyph, Ozymandias, and Abydos... by *Shun-008 on deviantART

here's a commish i did for . these amazing characters are his. The Glyph, Ozymandias, and Abydos.