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Mother fairy tern and chick

Mother white tern and chick. The white tern (Gygis alba) is a small seabird found across the tropical oceans of the world.

Tender, Playful Expressions Of Birds Captured In ‘Human-Like’ Photographs

Pretty pink and grey pastel cockatoo. Queenie, Galah Cockatoo by Leila Jeffreys

Lazy day lounging about on Mom!

Baby bunny and mom time. Lazy day lounging about on Mom!

Wat een pluizig bolletje!

Little fuzz ball, Blue Tit. I think they must know they're small, cute and fluffy


Rise up this mornin', Smiled with the risin' sun, Three little birds Pitch by my doorstep Singin' sweet songs Of melodies pure and true, Sayin', "This is my message to you-ou-ou:"

Endangered Least Tern with chick

Mother tern with her chick. Terns are birds that are normally found near the sea, rivers or wetlands .