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A look at Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf and her advice to young women and teenagers.

16 Rules To Live By According To Blair Waldorf

Imagem de leighton meester, gossip girl, and blair waldorf

Leighton Meester -- pretty makeup

So beautiful Leighton Meester -- pretty makeup

#street #fashion Leighton Meester ♥ Red Carpet @wachabuy

25 Ways to Wear Black

Leighton Meester ♥ Red Carpet looks soo different than she does in gossipgirl

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Hello Everyone ! Inspired By Beauty , Fashion , Celebrities Lifestyle ,your gonna love what you see here 💕💕

Imagem de beauty, gossip girl, and leighton meester

such a beauty - Leighton Meester

Blair. Would love to have a photo like that of me!

Leighton Meester - Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl her laugh

Blair Waldorf | Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair are goalsss

Best friends- there through it all. The crying. The boys. The drama.

Serena and Blair Pictures, xoxo GossipGirl.

Blair Waldorf. ahhhh!:) this quote!!!!

Blair and Dorota, GossipGirl.

Gossip Girl

15 Perks Of Having Your Best Friend As A Roommate

"True friends laugh, fight, cry and forgive. True friends are loyal, honest and tell each other when your acting like an ass. A true friend tell you the truth