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Beautiful silver and white Christmas tree and decor with animal theme @pattonmelo

47 Gorgeous Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas

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Cozy Rustic Christmas Dining Room - Christmas centerpiece, DIY wreaths, candles, texture, & more. A must pin for Christmas dining room inspiration!

Suzanne Living Room $399.00  From

Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs holiday collection of wintry blues and whites. Multiple Christmas trees for added affect.

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Keep the tree elegant & simple. Image courtesy of Amara. I love the closeness of the tree to the fireplace and the couch but I would prefer to have more colour in the room throughout winter. White interior makes it look that little bit colder.

Christmas ~ A collection of CLICK ON THE PICTURE (gif) AN WATCH IT COME TO LIFE. ....♡♥♡♥♡♥Love★it .

Christmas Tree and Interior Living Room Holiday Decoration Ideas.Best Christmas is always creative. Cutting down trees to put in the living room of your family