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Tau Codex/Supplement art

Tau Riptides of the Vior'la Sept armed with heavy burst cannon.

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Tau battle suit

Tau Broadside Battle-Suit, an advanced less mobile more heavily armored version of the standard T'au Crisis Battle-Suit

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Warhammer Tau Empire by thomaswievegg on DeviantArt

Farsight Meets Aunva Liesetiawan by LieSetiawan on DeviantArt

Farsight and Aun'va half page illustration done for War Zone Damocles: Mont'Ka ©GamesWorkshop

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Thought of the Day: Listen not to the alien, look not upon the alien, speak not…

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Come see the top 5 reasons that Tau NEED an update to edition, stat! When their current codex hit, the Tau were the pinnacle of the meta.

Tau Fire Warrior - Farsight Enclaves Codex © Games Workshop

"Farsight - Tau supplement" - released, discussion starts pg new rumours on pg. 22 - Page 9 - Forum

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Why yes, I am a staunch Imperial and yes, I did buy the Imperial codex wallpaper pack. Tomorrow, it will be a new year and we’ll start looking at the art of the Shield of Baal supplement and codex: Blood Angels.