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I want to get a donkey when I retire.....and now I want it to be a miniature donkey.

The horse is merely hoping to get nice, but has to be taught that humans don't have to be groomed. Although horses don't do this all of the moment, they have a tendency to do it when particularly relaxed

Image from http://www.minidonks.com/4sale/Vanillas2013Jack/Vanillas2013JackLeftRight04wa.jpg.

Myer's Meadows City Slicker (a. Slick), a black or dark brown jack with no light points at Half Ass Acres Miniature Donkey Farm

ctsuddeth.com :donkey baby love

I hope these critters are in a sanctuary and not forced to slave for humans

So fluffy I want to wrap my arms around him!

Dwarf Donkey or Miniature Donkey is enjoyable loving, cheerful, loyal and superiorly intelligent. So let's jump into some surprising mini donkey facts

Miniature Donkey

Grawood Miniature Donkey Farm, Breeders of Toy Cattle, Miniature Horses, Minaiture Ponies and Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

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Dwarf Donkey Cuteness & More Incredible Links