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Foglie rosse.  G. Di Jen Malmmose  3 nov 17.

Foglie rosse. G. Di Jen Malmmose 3 nov 17.

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Elena and I had agreed to meet Mick Richardson near Granada for a day in the Sierra Nevada Mountains looking primarily for butterflies. Mick is a professional wildlife guide with an encyclopoedic.

Smoking martini cocktail by Lars Zahner on 500px

Smoking martini cocktail in a conical glass with wafting vapour and splashing droplets from a falling olive for a dramatic effect over a grey background

Joel Matuszczak is a talented graphic designer and amateur photographer currently based in Gunnison, Colorado, USA.

Havasu Falls are at the bottom of a narrow gorge near the southwest corner of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Exploring Havasu Falls

Peter Pan nite

Calm sea, azure water, night sky & moon rising, rocks jutting from the water. So serene. I'd walk this beach all the time, if it were near me.