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Yes Dick, that's very impressive and you look totally yummy, but is that really the best way to avoid a hailstorm of bullets from a helicopter? <-- of course it is, he's nightwing<---- that's right. He's Nightwing!

Asa Noturna

Nightwing - though his history is unclear and conflicting in the comics, most people say this is Robin's adult persona.<<< because it is Dick Grayson who was the first robin

"I don’t have to banter." - Brett Booth

Batman and Nightwing- i feel like the Dick we know and love would've replied with, "just a grown-ass man in a bat costume"

Nightwing by Adelso Corona, colours by Juan Fernandez *

Took me back to when I started coloring and my style was a lot darker and creepier. Swamp Th.

Dick Grayson

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Nightwing for fans of Nightwing images.

Nightwing Comic Poster

Nightwing Comic Poster

Nightwing, Vol. Traps and Trapezes (Nightwing Vol. III by Kyle Higgins (Goodreads Author), Eddy Barrows (Illustrations)

Batman | Nightwing sostiene la capa de su antiguo mentor, ¿el fin de Batman?

¿Y si Batman no murió?

Dick Grayson quits as Robin & becomes Nightwing.

A variant cover to "Action Comics #1" (The New 52 reboot) by artist JPR.

Impressive superhero digital painting by Jeremy Roberts. A brilliant digital artist is from Canada. He dedicated himself in Superhero Illustrations.

Asa noturna

‪ (Dick Grayson) by Comic Art Commissions Artist of The Night - Jean Sinclair. Ask Jean for a commission here ‪ ‪ ‪

Outsiders v3 #47 Unlike some people, I mastered the art of being cute when up-side down.

Outsiders 47 Unlike some people, I mastered the art of being cute when up-side down.


superheroes-or-whatever: “Damian: Son of Batman art by Andy Kubert ”


Gotham Underground (Connecting Covers) Batman: Gotham Underground TPB Art by: Jim Calafiore