Harry Potter by Picolo-kun http://picolo-kun.deviantart.com/gallery/56341906/Harry-Potter-books

"Harry Potter" by Picolo-kun The painterly style of the characters and the added backsplash complement the moleskin journal concept well. The design is also very reminiscent of Harry Potter--certainly fan art done well,

“Fascinating creatures, phoenixes. Their tears have healing powers, they make highly faithful pets.” — Albus Dumbledore  I'm almost done with my Harry Potter spell books...

archatlas: “Harry Potter Gabriel Picolo A series of illustrations based on the Harry Potter books created by Gabriel Picolo a freelance illustrator based in Brazil. A new take on the fantastic beasts,.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ✨

By Gabriel Picolo This is a personal project just for fun. These books are inspired by spells, curses, potions and other stuff from the Harry Potter world. I have added these to a different album because I'll keep updating it :)