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and thats who i am. Well on my moms phone! They wont get me an l-Pod:(

My room literally only has enough room to open the door, the rest is Mt. Everest

My bed and my dresser are the only messy things in my room.I really want to take away my dresser.I have a small room and my dresser takes up alot of space.

Wishing You Didn't Take Your Phone Everywhere -Just Girly Things

"Cue all the snarky remarks about the little ‘i’," it said. *Snarky remark about the little 'i'* ;)

"I judge you when you use poor grammar" makes a great gift for the grammarians and writers in your life. And for those who can't write, you might learn a thing or two. I laughed so hard, I cried.

Movie nights I stayed up all night with my friend watching the same movie it was princess and the frog..... We had to her little sister  and i like that movie.

a family that owns so many movies! I love movie nights, whether with lots of people, just girls, family, or by myself. movie nights with popcorn and a stack of favs to watch are so much fun!

I wish I have always wanted to be but it never happens.

Someone tell me I'm not the only unorganized girl? My room is er. A disaster and my school bag