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Magickal Products Earth Invocation [EPIEAR] - Call for the sturdy influence of the element of Earth with the words provided in the Earth invocation parchment poster, a handy reference for invocation within your ritual magic. 8 x

Air Evocation Parchment Page for Book of Shadows, Altar!

Air Evocation Parchment Page for Book of Shadows, Altar

Call the element of Air into your ritual craft with the words provided on this parchment poster, which provides a handy reference to aid you within your evocation of the x


More Detailed Correspondences for the Element Water

Protection Chant for protecting a car or other vehicle.

11 Protection Chant Variations For Various Protection Spells. These protection chants can be altered to your specific needs.

10 Magickal Herbs You Need In Your Practice - essential herbs and flowers for witchcraft

10 Magickal Herbs You Need In Your Practice - herbs and flowers for witchcraft


I've practiced cord cutting and will be incorporating this as I do so.This is Best done as part of a Aura cleansing and meditation.


hair colors and the elements pagan wicca I suddenly like my silver highlights that bit more.

You can feel the power in this.

Blessed Be (silverwitch)

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Astrological elements - how they shape your identity

The classical four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, are sacred because they are the substance of life. These four elements are infused.

Earth Strengths. #capricorn

Elements Earth: ~ The Four Elements of Success™ Character Strengths and Challenges: Earth Strengths.