"How are we as a people shocked when we hear of children being neglected, abused, tortured, and murdered at the hands of their own parents, when we as a nation have fought for and won the rights to end the lives of our unborn children in the womb?"

)) the voices were running rampant in my head. I couldn't eat, sleep, think. I wish they would be quiet. Too many people.

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I’m in love with Sally Mann

Candy cigarette. Sally Mann.

Sally Mann - Candy cigarette - 1989 is that a kid on stilts in the background? And I remember getting a spanking for buying that candy as a kid.

Anguished - SDW Brynn, has memory gaps, doesn't know why she is at the asylum, desperate to know her past:

Innocence Lost - Sally Mann  - Good read

This photo, titled Candy Cigarette, not just displays something, it tells a story. It is both emotional and beautiful.

See through - Facebook: facebook.com/angelicaphotographs

Hot girls with freckles. There is something about a girl that has freckles that drive men crazy. Red hair and freckled face girls.

Sally Mann/ Damaged Child - time machine

Sally Mann, Damaged Child, 1984 "I have found tangible evidence that within this life's sweet tedium reside certain truths: that nothing attains maximum beauty until touched with decay, that the vulgar and miraculous can be one.

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alicia savage (The Jealous Curator)

This is the gorgeous, dreamy, feminine, wonderfully weird work of Boston based self-portrait photographer, Alicia Savage.