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no he wouldn't

Dumbledore wouldn't let this happen. Sign at a protest.

Fucking advertisements :p. I dont know if it's a repost, i just thought it was really fun.. LO IR Pitpug PAH IE

i didn't know harry potter had product placement in the movies?

you must be a weasley!

You must be

Funny pictures about Ginger family. Oh, and cool pics about Ginger family. Also, Ginger family.

Snape's is so touching.

harry potter vs twilight always makes me giggle

I literally laughed for almost five minutes straight... actually, I'm still laughing...

Snape hated the Marauders for many reasons.

:) I actually laughed out loud at this one, not just that fast breathing through your nose that we refer to as "lol"

If Lily Potter had an abortion, then who would stop Voldemort? Jesus christ read the books. More importantly though, if Merope Gaunt had an abortion, there would be no Voldemort to defeat.


Harry Potter humor - Bellatrix is dead serious XD

Doing it right.

yet another awesome protest sign to make

He wins at life

The Voice. I like the Harry potter vibe. I can work with Harry Potter. He looks a little like Justin Bieber. Let's go back to Harry potter.

I would do it. Molly Weasley doesn't play.

Hey, Everyone lets just run into a brick wall form some woman that we just meet on the platform what do you day people. later " What happen" "oh you poor thing run into the brick wall"

Ron weasley everyone.....

Harry Potter cast interviews - Haha I love the ginger answer. My kid is already helping out there! Ron's kinda encompasses all of them

Why No One Ever Asked Out Lily Potter otherwise known as my new head cannon

In another life, Severus Snape and James Potter could have been the best of bros. View "The Secret Reason Why No One Ever Asked Out Lily Potter" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Why, fred, george, molly, cry, harry potter, why would you post that

Excuse me while I go cry in the corner and pick up the whatever's left of my heart.


Sad books Aka me when I read harry potter deathly hallows and hedwig died<<<Aka me when I read any book ever

Good Guy Voldemort

Good Guy Voldemort

Lord Voldemort cares about Harrys education.

Dean is always there with Ron and Hermione

I laughed way too hard at this! Dean is always there! Lol I first Ron and Hermione shiper