Concept Art by François Baranger

It's friday, and you're starting to loose your inspiration? Well check our new inspiration pick and start your day with a fresh mind! François Baranger has

Coffin Kittens

Just like in the case of my previous post apocalyptic image I was inspired by the movie A boy and his dog from the Post apocalyptic 2 - A Girl And Her Dog

Today we would like to introduce the art of G. Host Lee, a Chinese concept art artist

Yichuan Li, aka rikelee is a professional concept artist based in Shanghai, China. From Japanese Geisha, warrior to charming fantasy subjects, Rike’s work captures the soul of characters and rendered in vibrant colors.

Popbot's "Tomorrow King Slicer Kyuuketsuki"

The crossing of a year sure makes one recap on memorable events that occurred in the past year. Many toy collectors have also posted .

Static Shock fibonacci sequenc by ~Kerong on deviantART

Keron Grant is a Jamaican-American comic book artist , who has worked mostly for Marvel Comics.

Жизнь после смерти: мир постапокалипсиса в картинах Sci-Fi художников (25 фото)

Enjoy this selection of artworks made by Bram Sels aka Boco, a freelance Belgian artist

25 Imagens de Assassins Creed de tirar o fôlego

25 Imagens de Assassin's Creed de tirar o fôlego

25 Imagens de Assassins Creed de tirar o fôlego

The art of Vitali Timkin

The art of Vitali Timkin