Lee Jun-ki's first post-army photo shoot » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Lee Jun-ki for Allure Korea. Cute, but where be the post-army abs? Also, he still looks like a pretty boy to me. I guess some things never change.

OMG THIS IS SO TRUE. the first time I decided to watch a k drama was because of JKS. I saw a picture of him with short hair and thought he looked like an anime character from a show I was watching. As soon as I saw You are Beautiful there was no turning back....hahaha

I swear we need to make banners and t shirts of this post! SO FREAKIN' TRUE! << this literally describes me. First I was an otaku and then I discovered the beauty that is bts.

What's cuter than Lee Hong Ki with a kitten? Lee Hong Ki kissing a kitten!

Lee Hong Ki kissing a kitten! Seriously though, this was the cutest thing in that entire drama.