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He is the cutest puppy I have ever seen..ahhh!!

We have beautiful chihuahua babies, two boy and one girl. both parents have a very good pedigree (can al in England, Buy and Sell items - Animals / Pets

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The smallest breed but be careful of domed shaped heads it shows an illness. I've found them to be yappy and can have small dog syndrome due to lack of training and not being treated like a dog. Stay away from Teacups the are just dogs born too

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Teacup Blue and White Chihuahua Princess SOLD! Found a fabulous new mommy! Teacup Blue and White Chihuahua Princess

Chihuahua...my little one begged me to pin this one. It is cute though!


Long hair chihuahua - just so tiny and cute you have to spoil them :) ONEDAY! A future friend for ollie