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Before they were robots Daft Punk were failed rockers with electronic dreams From a musical standpoint Homework feels like the electronic equivalent to totemic rock records like The Beach Boys Pet Sounds or The Clashs London Calling.

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Daft Punk and Karlie Kloss in New York for the Aug 2013 Issue of Vogue Magazine (US) Copyrights belong to Columbia Records U. Edited to my remix.

Daft Punk

Daft punk vs. Justice : le match



♥Daft Punk Unmasked♡

♥Daft Punk Unmasked♡

Daft Punk - Any time together

Life as a non ordinary human

Guy-Man et Thomas!

Though Daft Punk didn't become immediately recognizable to the general public until after Discovery, their first album Homework occupies an important place

17 Pictures for Daft Punk Unmasked  Celebrities Photos

17 Pictures for Daft Punk Unmasked Celebrities Photos