so cute! Baby Lions by Alroy Willis on Fivehundredpx

shaky: “eqiunox: “ Baby Lions by Alroy Willis on Fivehundredpx ” babies!

goin' fishin' #albabotanicafurryfriends

I took this photo of Maggie, a four-year old Tiger cub fishing in the sanctuary goldfish pond. She played with the fish for 10 minutes.

Lol :)

My favorite "animal" giving free hugs! I want one - meaning a penguin AND at least one hug.

White Wolf:    Over several generations of selective breeding (by choosing foxes with less fear of humans), Soviet scientist Dmitry Belyaev was able to breed silver foxes that began to exhibit domestic traits like floppy ears, tail wagging and spotted coats.

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Cute and curious, Alpaca. I'm wondering if this is the Ringling retirement ranch for their Circus Elephants(note background). It has to be this country. The Elephants are Asian, and Alpacas(Llamas) are South American.


46 Dogs Wearing Handsome Scarves


Cheetahs ~~レo√乇 ღ.❥レo√乇 ღ.---- "I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.