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Democracy consists of four basic elements: 1.A political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections. 2.  The active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life. 3.  Protection of the human rights of all citizens. 4.  A rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens.

"Men of quality do not fear equality." First used as a feminist quote (I belive), but this clearly is a statement to promote any equality issue !

11-Year-Old girl escapes arranged marriage

11-Year-Old girl escapes arranged marriage

Funny pictures about girl escapes arranged marriage. Oh, and cool pics about girl escapes arranged marriage. Also, girl escapes arranged marriage.

Love is the answer

The Women's March saw a bevy of clever protest posters. These are 31 of our favorite Women’s Marches signs from around the world.

The only "real men/women are..." I would post 5,724 Likes, 64 Comments - Konbini (@konbini) on Instagram: “Women's March 2017”

Découvrez et partagez les plus belles images au monde

A must-read for education on the history women's rights, with women who are still alive today to continue the fight for equality and inspire others!

Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes

Gender Inequality in Film: In Infographic Form. Sobering reading

Gender Inequality in Film: In Infographic Form

The New York Film Academy has put together this informative infographic demonstrating the gender inequality endemic in film-making. But there’s some hope. Courtesy of: New York Film Academy

With the US SENATE VOTING AGAINST GMO LABELING, it (once again) has become blatantly clear that our government is no longer a Government of the People, by the People, for the People. It looks more like this lady says-- Link: movetoamend.org/

"Nation of sheep ruled by wolves, owned by pigs" Well when you put it that way. Animal farm did teach us something

exactly! why is it that men can only emphasize with women if they conceptualize of them as a member of their family? So towards women who you have no tie to, it's okay to treat them differently? really?! I am me. I don't need you to think of me as your sister, daughter, or wife, but just as me. A human being. Just treat me with the respect all human beings deserve.

I need feminism because I am a person who belongs to herself first before I am a daughter, sister, wife, or mother.

These are the questions that each and every woman has to answer at some point of her life..

Sexism Rora Blue's new series Handle With Care is an exploration into modern day sexist language and the pressure of stereotypical gender roles. The inventive series aims to take back the language that so often tries to pigeonhole women.

sometimes you forget that this "Hermione" started spew, was called a mudbood, stood against the dark lord. How could she not stand up, and be the woman we love.

Relating Trump to Voldemort is insulting Voldemort. At least he was brilliant and insane, Trump is just an idiot.

Overcoming Obstacles. Boston Marathon 1967. Way to go Kathrine Switzer and fellow runners. Jock Semple. Feminism. Equality.

Not even long ago / Overcoming Obstacles. Boston Marathon Way to go Kathrine Switzer and fellow runners.

Heterosexual males who support gay marriage.

Men of quality support gender equality. men of quality are attracted to me.

Why are you keeping yourself from the kingdom of heaven with life-saving treatment? Let me help you with that by denying them to you since it's against my beliefs that you should want to live while god clearly wants you to die.

Makes sense to me. Why doesn't their church pay for their treatments either? It's not like those organizations pay taxes even though they reap a shit load of money off of idiots.

Ladies Against Humanity, like Cards Against Humanity, but by ladies, for ladies

me and my kimonos don't give a fuuuuuck.

When we had our discussion about abortion and if the male involved in creation of the fetus should have a say in whether or not the baby should be aborted otherwise be able to take the mom to court, this is how I felt. I feel that women should have a say over their lives, privacy, freedom, bodies, and when/how we reproduce. Sorry but it's my body!

They are not for anyone to debate and vote on. I am woman hear me roar!