I feel sorry for them coz in the end they are the ones that end up hurt.

Pisces:  "#Pisces ~ Pisces are misunderstood by those who refuse to see the big picture...."

Pisces: " ~ Pisces are misunderstood by those who refuse to see the big picture.

Story of my life

Sometimes a Pisces takes their pain out on themselves instead of on others. An angry Pisces can be very destructive. I'm very destructive.


yep ill get it when or where i dont care! but i knew ill gonna get it for sure!

True about Pisces ! Me(Pisces) my hubby (Virgo) must be true!! Steve Jobs was a Pisces also!

I love MUSIC! I used to bite my nails before I got braces and now result to almost constantly tapping something.and my dream guy is a Virgo!

Fun facts about your sign here

Pisces: " ~ Pisces women are down to earth and love the simple things."/ I gotta date a Pisces girl 😊

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Zodiac Pisces facts – Nothing is too much for a Pisces in love. Their limits are endless to make that special person happy.

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Zodiac Pisces facts — When a Pisces is highly interested in you, you become a book of study for them and they will do what they can to discover everything about you. SO TRUE

Shine on

Though they may flounder, and their light may grow dim, they always swim on. To understand a feeling it must be felt completely is the premise of their life. They know why we're all here they are the ol