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blue Radiance picture by artisenens

blue Radiance Photo: the original not blue verion of this is by mceric on deviantart. This Photo was uploaded by artisenens

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Blue Tiger by Alain Granwehr


right hand side

All aglow in jeweled hues

This is super pretty


Fire Wallpapers As the winter dwells down on us, the orange, yellow and red of these fire wallpapers will fill our hearts with the warm fe.

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I want this magnificent beauty as my spirit guide.

photo tigerandth_npv4nrh8.gif

Tiger in water with Lady gif just click see motion

cbc18148080c8d4421251564946f6aab.jpg (757×960)

cbc18148080c8d4421251564946f6aab.jpg (757×960)

Rrrr!...Uhm,This Place Is Curious...Samissomar's Pinterests Are So Colorful !...http://samissomarspace.wordpress.com

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Blue Jaguar Photo by artisenens | Photobucket

fractal leopard by artisenens


Sparky the cat

Fractal Owl - re-pinned. Thought  of CM and his "Heritage of the Owl" series on Greek thought. The owl appears in many of his movies, second only to the cat...

Everything About Fractal Art – Absolutely Fascinating - Bored Art

Electric tiger (Fractalius graphic)

Electric tiger (Fractalius graphic)

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Close-Up of a White Fractal Tiger. The Depth of His Eyes are Profound.