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Furniture, Cool Picture Lips And Eyes Cosmetics Organizer Good Small Storage Design Good Cosmetic Picture Good Circle Clock Nice Picture: Unique Designs Of Makeup Containers Organizers That Looks So Cool For Girls

$40   Although our product photographs show only Apple Products, that doesn't mean we didn't make enough docking space for all you Windows and Android lovers. The Classic Station does not judge your phone preference. It's a desk caddy for all phones alike.

Beauty Station / Wood Makeup Organizer / makeup holder / iPad stand / desk organizer / lipstick holder / iphone - dead link but great gift idea


Toaster + iPhone Charger: iPhones pop up when fully charged, i want this to be a thing!

Solutions --- Foam Pump turns a little liquid soap into rich, creamy foam.  Think of the money you’ll save by reducing soap use up to 75%! You don’t have to replenish soap as often with this pump, plus the clear polycarbonate makes it easy to see when it is time to refill.

Foam Pump turns a little liquid soap into rich, creamy foam without having to buy expensive foaming soap. Just reuse your other foaming dispensers and fill with watered down hand soap.

Voice-activated grocery list! Say what you need while its on your mind and a week later when you actually go shopping it will print you a list! -- I WANT THIS products-i-love

SmartShopper 301 Grocery List Organizer - The voice-activated grocery list organizer that records, sorts, and prints your list. No more forgetting things! Just tell SmartShopper 301 what you need, press print, and go get it!

Glow in the Dark Toilet Strip

glow-in-the-dark toilet locater strip- We need this! I wonder if glow in the dark paint would work! The only downfall- the boys may keep getting up all night long to pee in the glow in the dark toilet for entertainment.

Medicine Cabinet Organizer - love the idea of using magnetic backing to get the most out of vertical space. Attractive and practical way to keep hairbands, bobbypins, etc.

To maximize space in a traditional medicine cabinet, line the inside back of the cabinet and door with sheet metal, then use magnetic containers and hooks to hold supplies. Great way to get rid of "loose" items floating around your medicine cabinet!

Organize makeup by mounting bins to the wall. Check the dollar store?

MagnaPods Makeup Organizers - modern - bathroom storage - Design Solutions How cool is this? Put things at eye level so you can grab and go!

How to: Build Your Own Nail Polish Rack.  For Sarah!!!

I need to do this.every girl says they have alot of nail polish! I on the other hand have every color ever made.it's disgusting how much polish i have.hundreds of bottles.How to build your own nail polish rack