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Keep the noise of a coffee grinder from waking everyone else up by wrapping it in a pillow or an oven mitt.

Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind Hands-Free Coffee Grinder, Platinum - - Hamilton Beach one touch coffee bean grinder . Hands free operation with five dif

Coffee Grinder - Hamilton Beach 80335 Fresh-Grind Coffee Grinder (Certified Refurbished)

Hamilton Beach 80335 Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder - Black - Coffee Grinders at Hayneedle

Fresh from the vaults of innovation, Baratza's Forté has arrived. But what's all the chatter about? This review will get you close and cozy with the Forté, where you'll find out if it's really hot stuff — or all hype.

Baratza Forte Review: 3 Reasons You'll Love this Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder has some big shoes to fill. For the past few years, the Baratza Maestro and Baratza Maestro Plus have set the bar for quality

Capresso Blade Coffee Grinder

Capresso Blade Coffee Grinder

Proctor Silex E160BY Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder Review

Retractable cord Safety on/off button Stainless steel blades Easy to clean Chamber maid cleaning system; bowl scraper disLodges coffee from grinding areaProduct Built to North American Electrical Standards

The Modern College Student Infographic

The Modern College Student Infographic

College students today are more tech savvy than ever before. Just how important is technology to their academic lives? Check the infographic for the full picture of how technology is changing college students’ lives.

Electric Coffee Grinder with Chamber Maid Cleaning System * Details can be found by clicking on the image.

3 precision-grind settings from fine to coarse. Exclusive Chamber Maid cleaning system clears grounds from chamber walls. Electric coffee grinder grinds for 4 to 12 cups. Removable grinding chamber for easy pouring.

Blade Coffee Grinder - KitchenAid - Onyx Black

Learn about features and specifications for the Blade Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder - wonderful variety. Need to explore...

Coffee Grinder - wonderful variety. Need to explore...

I'd actually call this coffee grinder sexy.

Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, White The best coffee is the freshly ground. Great gift for the coffee lover.

Cooking Advice You Cannot Find Anywhere Else *** Click image to read more details.

Can Colander - This seems like it would be a lot easier to wash than a big colander when you're just opening one can of beans or something .

Capresso 565 Infinity Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder + Coffee Grinder Dusting Brush + 3-pack 35G Grindz Coffee Grinder Cleaner Capresso http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009430FHW/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_3Qvlub018YG8Y *** Apparently isn't the greatest for dark roast/oily beans w/desire for a fine grind.  Since I don't use dark roast beans, this may work for me.

Capresso 565 Infinity Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder Coffee Grinder Dusting Brush Grindz Coffee Grinder Cleaner -- Trust me, this is great!: at Coffee Machine.

Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder - there are grinders that cost hundreds of dollars, which you probably need for espresso, and there are "whirly blade" grinders for about twenty that grind the coffee very unevenly. For drip coffee, a burr grinder is a good choice because you know the grind level will be the same every time and it grinds more at a time than a whirly blade. At $99.95, it's a great investment for making coffee at home.

The Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder is an amazing coffee grinder that is currently in the market. This grinder is highly adjustable.