mabinogi duel by NESSI + on ArtStation.

Gront Abilities: Super strength and a thunder clap known to move trains off of their tracks.

By Tsvetomir Georgiev

ArtStation - Bolivar Concept, Thomas Randby

m Half Dragon Cleric Med Armor Mace Commission of a character render for a Dungeons and Dragons dragonborn!

As ilustrações e artes conceituais de fantasia e ficção científica de Graey Erb

— Ill met by Moonlight by Earl-Graey


m Dragonborn Barbarian Guild Wars 2 - Kekai Kotaki

Lizardman Barbarian by ~Sycra on deviantART

Lizardman Barbarian by ~Sycra on deviantART. Imma play this guy if its the last thing I do!

PEGASUS SPIELE ONLINE: Kr'Zzzt - Echsenmensch-Schamane - Wir machen Spaß

Gorgon of Aumari

Revenge comes

Garuda creature by Derrick Song

Chief Rebel, Lucas Örström on ArtStation at

Small part of a large amount of concept work done for Chief Rebels awesome vision.

rpg settings, epicroll: Lizardfolk study. Saved (with...

Lizardman DeathKnight by Cribs

Werewolf Shocking Grasp - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D d20 fantasy

Werewolf comm by YamaOrce on DeviantArt werewolf mage

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Crokodan Female by vladgheneli

Gatorman [Crokodan Female by vladgheneli]

Kamikiri (Aberration/Vermin)(Large) – The second evolution of the Karkinos…

Foto: More monster art for your campaign.  "Creature Finals 1" by Robotpencil.

Foto: More monster art for your campaign. "Creature Finals by Robotpencil.

Another D&D creature I pictured. It's a mindflayer an inhabitant of the underworld. I wanted the tentacles to look like they could actually open a human skull. Due to that they are teethed for sawing and have a claw at the end to get a hold. Also the hands should have a more mollusk, almost snail like quality. Hope you like it!

“Mindflayer – Dungeons & Dragons creature by Martin Kepler ”