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Ott-7j OstScout by ~BishopSteiner on deviantART

A re-design of THE classic Scout Mech, the poorly armed and armored, but highly valuable, OstScout.


In another few hours Harebrained Schemes will be up and posting an announcement, but since I can’t sleep…well, thought I’d be the first to.

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Russ said they will stick with the mech pack release system, so I'm posting here a list of suggestions/predictions for the next packs.

BZK-F4 Hollander by ~BishopSteiner on deviantART

One of my attempts to salvage some of the designs from the Original TRO 3055 for Battletech.

Hussar II by ~BishopSteiner on deviantART

Cramming and XL 360 into the mech freed up room for 2 more tons of armor, while boosting it's already impressive.

[AU-BT] Annihilator IIC by ThunderGodXarbala on deviantART

Once upon a time, Battletech goes mechagodzilla mode. I dig that mech. Give me Annihilator.

2 New Battletech Mechs by Mecha-Zone

2 mech re-designs I did last week for a client. Special thanks to Eriance [link] for posting his mechs for the same client since that is how I found the. 2 New Battletech Mechs

Warhammer (Age of War) by ~BishopSteiner on deviantART

an Early re-design concept sketch I did for the Warhammer. Warhammer (Age of War)