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I'm very confused. But I also think this is the most adorable thing in the universe, jasper is like a little tiger!

Stronk mom when?

Stronk mom when?

I love Jasper as a charachter despite sometimes being a bit brutal. Like Strong protective mom.

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I'm pretty sure Blue Pearl thought the lemon was Yellow Pearl's gem and is such an innocent cinnamon bun

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It's basic Spanish don't worry

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It's basic Spanish don't worry. Chickas esta es mi novia: (translation) girls, this is my girlfriend (i love the whole meet the family thing) <<<<<< Thx

I've seen a lot of SU screenshot redraw pics, and I wanted to redraw one SU screenshot too So, I did some funny screenshots, and wanted to redraw one... But then I came up with a little story. &nbs...

in the last with Lapis and Jasper in the origional lapis looks like she has a small smile. Steven Universe Screenshots Redraw by