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“Sagan om älgtjuren Skutt och lilla prinsessan Tuvstarr” from “Bland Tomtar och Troll 1913″, by John Bauer

John Bauer - Princess Cottongrass searching for her heart

i loved this man's drawings when i was little, i still do. John Bauer

John Bauers art absolutely fascinates me.

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Old Fashion Picture Book

John Bauer

The Princess and the Troll Sons, from The Boy and the Trolls, by John Bauer. ""Look at them," urged the troll mother. "Look at my sons. Handsomer trolls can't be found this side of the moon. But then of course, they take after their mother.


Förtrollningen (Jonna Jinton)

For many years, I've had this photo in my mind.

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John Albert Bauer 1882-1918

Swedish painter and illustrator John Bauer ~ Lithograph 2

Dando a volta

John Bauer, renowned Swedish (fairytale) illustrator (deceased together with his wife when the steamboat at Lake Vättern sank in a storm)

Princess Tuvstarr still stares at the water looking for her heart – John Bauer, c. 1913

Princess Tuvstarr gazing down into the dark waters of the forest tarn John Bauer Malmö Konstmuseum

Bildresultat för john bauer tomte

"Oskuldens vandring", from "Bland tomtar och troll by John Bauer

" La princesa del bosque "por John Bauer.

"The Princess in the Forest" by John Bauer John Bauer [Swedish painter and illustrator, This gives me sooo much inspiration!

Pavel Tatarnikov Russian illustrator

Princess Tuvstarr Gazing Down into the Dark Waters of the Forest Tarn, John Bauer,

The white stag of the north. By far represented in a positive light, but said to serve the Queen of the underworld, in Finnish Lore. It was said to bring its hunters to their demise.

The Erl King's Daughter Sending Faery Servants to Their Several Tasks by Jessie Bayes Colour page taken from The Studio, an illustrated magazine of fine & applied art, 1911

Lithograph, John Bauer, 1915

aurevoirschosanna: “ art by John Bauer ”

John Bauer, älgteckning

John Bauer, Swedish painter and illustrator.

"Troll" series by John Bauer (1915). Lithograph 7                                                                                                                                                                                 More

"Troll" series by John Bauer Lithograph 7