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Vault Dweller, Fallout New Vegas, Post Apocalypse, Trevor Philips, Lone Wanderer, Borderlands, Killjoys, Aperture, Westerns

Eerie childhood memories - Raw hands, skinned knees - At the park with Liz and Treyven

Empty playground for inspiration for an empty look as it is the end of the world in my film.

desert dream

Allura concludes that New Altea was DOA; she wonders how a dead thing can contain more life in its dry bones and cracked earth than the city, so full of people, ever managed to.

i found something in the woods somewhere

“ maybeware: “ fantastigasmical: “ “ watergender: “ psychicdictatorship: “ the aesthetic of american far right christianity is horrifying ” run-down signs screaming about hell in.

This dump tho - Imgur

This dump tho - Imgur