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We need more people like this who care about animals:


This is Freyja. Sweet but use better language next time. Use better language? The people who just dumped this beautiful dog are ass wipe pond scum!

Take care of them.....

- brilliant vet school t-shirt logo (from 'wings on the fly' I really like her stuff), lots might shock others, but her comments are fantastic and have seemed logical to me for years, would like to get in touch)

Compassion for animals is intimately associated with...

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Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of characterand it maybe confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man-Arthur Schopenhauer -photo credit to the owner

Poor baby....

Be the voice for the voiceless ~ People wonder why I'm so passionate about trying to save lives. I wonder how they can so easily neglect the ones who need us the most ❤️

:'( (via All about Dogs on Facebook) Heartbreaking ... happens to too many animals!!!

Pedigree Adoption Drive: As time goes by, my chances will only decrease. Please, help me find a home. So good, so sad :(

Everyone I see I try to help.

I ALWAYS help strays or animals in distress and have never once had to regret that decision to help.

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Start Helping Me Today My Intelligent Compassionate Human Intellectuals ,,, Norm

Complacency about abuse, neglect, over breeding, and homelessness will kill too many animals. Please spay and neuter your pets.and don't buy from breeders.

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#perros #NoAlMaltratoAnimal #AdoptaNoCompres #callejero

#perros #NoAlMaltratoAnimal #AdoptaNoCompres #callejero

Help Prevent Animal Cruelty and pease live vegan because food animals suffer extreme abuse, live transport, violent slaughter and barren deprived lives.

Help Prevent Animal Cruelty animals suffer extreme abuse, live transport, violent slaughter and barren deprived lives.

Cruelty free - because his heart loves no less then your own fur baby - let's seek a end to animal cruelty!

One Saved and Millions Waiting . Please Do Not Buy Products From Companies That Do Useless Barbaric Testing On Helpless Animals Like This Little One Pictured Here. Boycott Them All and Put Them Out Of Business