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Fall Crafts: Glycerin Leaves

How to make skeleton leaves with washing soda!! DIY, nature, woodland, craft, tutorial, instructions, trees, natural

How to Make Skeleton Leaves

I love this idea but I also treasure finding "skeleton leaves" naturally. DIY Translucent Leaves: Let leaves soak in Arm and Hammer Washing Soda for a few days, then take a brush and lightly brush off the.) And you have Translucent leaves

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When I picked up my son after work about a week ago, my mother in law showed me what they had done that day: collected and waxed leaves! They were preserved and…


Preserving (Not Drying) Fall Leaves

Preserve Your Favorite Fall Leaves cup water cup vegetable gylcerin ziploc bag Marinate in solution for 3 - 4 days. Remove and blot dry.

Glycerin Leaves :: Tinkerlab.com Apparently, preserving your leaves in glycerin makes it so that the leaves retain their color and don't decay.

Fall Crafts: Glycerin Leaves

This is the best & easiest way to preserve your favorite Fall leaves!  You can use them later for making an Autumn wreath or to decorate the Thanksgiving table!

Preserve Your Favorite Fall Leaves

Easy instructions for waxing fall leaves for autumn or Thanksgiving decorations.

How to Make Waxed Fall Leaves

What a fabulous idea to introduce autumn colour in your home. Easy instructions for waxing fall leaves for autumn.

Preserve fall leaves - I've always wanted to capture and keep their color.  I hope this method works!

Preserve fall leaves - I've always wanted to capture and keep their color. So far this method works!

Glycerin used to preserve leaves

Step-by-step instructions on how to preserve fall leaves and branches using a mixture of glycerin and water so they will remain soft and colorful.

Super easy inexpensive fall project. Painted Gold Leaves project.

Painted Gold Leaves

easy DIY wall art or Fall project -- gold painted leaves (silk or real) matted, under glass & framed.

Dry leaves in microwave, then iron between pieces of wax paper.

Leaves, More Leaves, and a Microwave

I may actually do this, my husband would get such a kick out of it!

Pumpkin And Drivin

Clever way to use fall leaves to make roses by ElhamZH

Jackson - perfect for a fall wedding! Rose bouquet made from fall leaves. This is a stunning idea. Imagine the possibilities!