This would so happen

Hahahahaha Hahahahaha lololol<<<<< Remember Percy is a son of Poseidon and doesn't eat fish, I'm his demigod sister and also don't eat fish


Not to hate on Twilight, because yes, I do like Twilight. But really, Rick Riordan had me sobbing from one line. I did not cry at all in the Twilight books. Definitely the best romance EVER. <= Percy Jackson is awesome.

Percy Jackson and the time they sailed around a lot Percy Jackson and Zeus's trust issues  There's books four and fivw

The Heroes of Olympus series PERCABETH! The Heroes of Olympus series Why doesn't Percy have a chapter?

Ha! Nico, chill!

Me: Nico. Nico: *blushes* Um… maybe…? Me: Hehe… that"s cute… Nico: *shadow travels to China*<<<Hahaha XD

so me!

Me whenever someone says Percy Jackson. Keeps blabbering about Percy Jackson for eternity.


Not sure if this is a reference to Percy Jackson or the real life Romans and Greeks, but it's pretty accurate either way.

*sniffles* im so pROUD OF YOU PERCY

Badass Percy<< Got that rogjt<< *starts fanning self, Hazel Levesque style*<< noooo our little Percy is all grown up

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Food First Percy Said T World-Of-Abooklover at Least Percy Jackson Has His Priorities Straight tfunnyCO ~Piper the Dauntless Wizard

So cute!! This would be a dream come true.

The Ships of Olympus' Children. Yup I ship Nico and Reyna. I so ship it.

Actually, nico is younger then all of them. Percy is 16 same with jason and idk about reyna but she is older im pretty sure.

I can't see half of these happening. I wish instead of Jason and Percy being friends in the BoO, it was more Jason and Leo or Jason and Nico < I dont really ship them. even as BrOTP.