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She swirled in delight. He found her. He was hers forever. Visit:www.oceansapartcfc.com

After a quick change into my reception gown & I joined the rest of our wedding party for cocktail hour. We had to squeeze in a quick spin of course. This dress was made for twirls by margoandme


Eva Green, photographed by Julia Fullerton-Batten for Campari’s 2015 calendar - December. (click the image for extremely high-res photo.

Love this pic . #Couples Photography

My little sister Joanna got engaged at the end of last month and she wanted her engagement portraits to look more Summer than Fall so we squeezed in her.

Anthony)) I walk around the ballroom, wringing my hands nervously. This wasn't my element, but then again, it probably wasn't very comfortable for the other Selected either. I look around for Livia, not wanting to cut in but also wanting my presence to be known. Eventually, I see her sit down, and I join her. "Hello, Livia," I grin widely, feeling almost giddy to see her again.

) Aliara blended in immediately with the dancers, flowing in and out of each song. She soon caught the eye of Prince William, and approached him. "May I have this dance?" She curtsied.

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Dance | ♥♥♥ re pinned by www.huttonandhutton.co.uk @HuttonandHutton #HuttonandHutton

Couples dancing in the street in Paris, 1950s.

Couples dancing in the street in Paris, Light: illumination; the couples dancing are illuminated by the building lights and although there are other people and objects in the photograph the emphasis seems to be on the dancing couples