diver in front of thousands of fish

Photographer and marine biologist Octavio Aburto snapped the images of the "fish tornado". Images of an underwater fish "tornado" were captured at Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico.

Viral Photo of a Giant Squid Found in California is Fake. Click here to know more!:

A photo of a giant squid on the California coast is nothing but a hoax. The photo went viral after it was posted online with an article describing its origin. The article claims the squid grew .

Really scary but also cool if u ask me... You sure this ain't Photoshop? And how is the guy not dead? So many questions... :(

The Megladon was a prehistoric shark that was MUCH bigger than Great White Sharks of today. It would've made Jaws look like a guppy. Thankfully they are all extinct.

Maravillosa Sesión Fotográfica de Moda Bajo el Agua con Tiburones Ballena | FuriaMag | Arts Magazine

Mermaid Hannah Fraser swims with a whale shark in Oslob, Philippines, for a one-of-a-kind photo-session. The underwater fashion shoot was by photographers Shawn Heinrichs and Kristian Schmidt.

A swarm of jacks in Cabo Pulmo Park, Mexico, dwarfs an underwater photographer in a phenomenal courtship display.

Video: Jack Fish Tornado

A swarm of jacks in Cabo Pulmo Park, Mexico, dwarfs an underwater photographer in a phenomenal courtship display.

#秘密にしておきたかった生き物 のタグがスゴ過ぎる「このタグ全部神」「自然界恐るべし」 - Togetterまとめ

Meet the largest bat on earth: the Pemba flying fox. These bats are fruit and nectar eaters with an average wingspan of "Flying fox" does sound a bit less scary than "Giant bat".

A maior escola de fotografia da América Latina, em Belo Horizonte e Rio de Janeiro

Photographer Clark Little is known for his jaw-dropping photos of giant waves crashing onto shore, a niche that's known as shorebreak photography.

Uma das 14 imagens que aparecem como painéis (cerca de 1,22 metros de altura) no Salão de Paleontologia do Museu de Ciência Natural de Houston, esta ilustração descreve o encontro provavelmente raro, mas plausível entre o tubarão gigante Carcharodon megalodon [megalodonte] (diâmetro da mandíbula estimado em 3,35 metros) e um proboscídeo de tamanho médio, o platybelodon.

Cenas incríveis e perturbadoras do mundo dos dinossauros

While we may not have time machines, a Canadian paleoartist, Julius Csotonyi, provides us with the next best thing in an illustration from his new book.

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30 incredible and tragically beautiful images of the world's most haunting shipwrecks

30 incredible and tragically beautiful images of the world’s most haunting shipwrecks -- Hermes is one of Bermuda's most modern wreck dives. In 1984 the Bermuda Dive Association scuttled the Hermes, a freighter that had seen better days

Oh my, oh my, oh my.  Would love to dive with these

Thousands of Munkiana Devil Rays swimming in the ocean - by Florian Schulz

Peixe-papagaio azul: encontrado no Oceano Atlântico e passa boa parte da vida (80%) atrás de alimento.

(Mais) 21 estranhos animais que você provavelmente nunca viu antes

The Blue Parrotfish (Scarus coeruleus) is a member of the parrot fish genus Scarus. They are blue and can grow to up to 120 cm. They inhabit the marine, reef-associated waters of the ‎Western Atlantic, ‎Brazil, ‎Bahamas, ‎Bermuda and the ‎West Indies.

Incredibly lucky and “dumb” surfer swimming in shark infested waters off Greenland. I think I would prefer being at Walmart. never thought I would feel walmart was a better choice.